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Code of Professional Standards

Code of Professional Standards


Euro Executive Srl is a company that manages and recovers debts – both out of court and in court – on behalf of third parties.

This Code of Ethics establishes the “Guiding Principles” of the company’s policy, by setting moral, ethical and professional standards and and commits all employees and collaborators who sign it by vision and unconditional acceptance.

The basic principle is transparency and fairness to both the debtor and the creditor.

The Debtor
Euro Executive Srl believes that the achievement of the company’s objectives can be attained by helping the debtor through economic analysis, advice and transparency.
Euro Executive Srl respects anyone in financial and economic difficulties. Every debtor has the right to be respected.
In the knowledge that economic difficulties often affect the behaviour of the debtor that for this reason is not always able to manage the situation in a rational way, our attitude will be marked by patience, understanding and education, paying particular attention to the human aspect and seeking, within the limits permitted by the creditor, to facilitate the debtor.
The relationship with the debtor will be guided by principles of professional advice so that, through the analysis of the economic situation and the causes that have generated the insolvency – in full compliance with regulatory procedures – the debtor will be enabled to honour his debt to the customer whom we represent.
The debtor is entitled to know the nature and composition of his debt and will always be treated with education and professionalism.
Our operators will act keeping control of the situation, avoiding any form of confrontation, provocation or verbal intemperance. They will also take care not to harm the morals and dignity of persons, not to use coercive, aggressive or offensive methods, not to disseminate news, not to violate the domicile of the debtor and not to discuss economic problems with a person other than the debtor. Mutual respect is the right relationship to be established.

The Creditor
Euro Executive Srl respects the procedures proposed by the customers, provided that this does not involve the violation of laws and regulations in force.
We promote partnership relationships, sharing policy and objectives with the client.
We preserve the image, brand and business relationships of our customers.
We agree to manage only certain, liquid and payable receivables, supported by adequate and correct accounting records, arising from a regular supply and/or service contract.
Our operator will act in the name and on behalf of the customer and is entitled to report to the debtor party for the resolution of disputes.
Our Company operates in compliance with laws, morals and professional ethics.