From 1994 in Italy and abroad
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Business Consulting

Business Consuling

Advice for debt management
  • Analysis and revision of contracts for customers/suppliers in Italy and abroad
  • Review of the organization’s internal business processes.
  • Advice for internal and external management of outstanding debts
  • Legal advice on credit and contract matters
  • Advice for the tax discharge and for the note of variation of bad debts
  • Extrajudicial and judicial consulting for the management of litigation with customers.

Financial Advice
  • Advice for the analysis of the financial flows of the company
  • Analysis of the adequacy of the bank/financial system in relation to the volume of business and of the organisation
  • Analysis of the organisation and financial strategy, sales plans and cash inflows/outflows
  • Study and realization of a plan of financial restructuring of the company with the banking/financial system
  • Management of relationships with credit institutions (contracts, adjustment of terms, amount and type of entrustments, amortisation plans of loans)
  • Advice for Anatocism and/or bank wear