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Assignment/Purchase of Credits

Assignment/Purchase of Credits

The assignment of the credit consists in the assignment of the related right by the creditor holder (transferor) to the buyer (transferee) who buys it at a certain price. This type of solution allows to immediately make liquid and enforceable the “stranded” credits without bearing large financial investments.

Non-Recourse Assignment: the creditor transfers the claim and guarantees to the assignee only its existence, without giving any guarantee that the debtor will actually pay. The risk of default shall pass to the assignee.

Recourse Assignment: the assigning creditor guarantees the existence of the credit and also the solvency of the debtor. If the transferred debtor does not make the payment, the transferee shall have the right to claim back against the transferor.

EURO EXECUTIVE is qualified to purchase credits, guaranteeing economic return and tax benefits to sellers.