From 1994 in Italy and abroad

About Us

About Us

Euro Executive was founded in 1994 in Padova.
Chief partner is Giuseppe Gorgone, with studies in Economics and Commerce and experience in banking and in services of the advanced tertiary sector. Together with other entrepreneurs he was promoter and founder of UNIREC, the first national association in the field of credit protection, based in Rome, for which he held the position of Chairman of the Board of Governors for two terms and Director of the Board of Directors.
The office in Catania was established in 2006 with the aim of extending and improving the presence on the national territory, subsequently the office in Brussels was established in 2008 to witness the attention for the management of foreign credits and international relations.

Year of establishment

Over the years Euro Executive became a reality that goes beyond the activity of debt collection by supporting the customer in the management and in the resolution of the business problems.
The consequence of this is the increase in the consuling share and the supply of new services, such as Active (receivables) and Passive (debts) Litigation Management.
An Internal Legal Office, experienced in commercial contracts and international law, operates in support of this complex activity.
As for financial aspects, we offer our customers the possibility to access to an expert in credit mediation.
Thanks to the work of the Development and Marketing Office, Euro Executive strengthens its market presence by concluding agreements with Confindustria Venezia and Rovigo, Centro Consorzi, Federcondominio, XlamItalia, Ascom Padova and Ascom Ferrara.

Euro Executive is a Founding Member of UNIREC (National Union of Credit Protection Companies based in Rome)
associated with:

Fenca ( Federation of European National Collection Associations)

Confindustria Area Metropolitana di Venezia e Rovigo

Confartigianato Ascom

Assindustria Venetocentro Padova-Treviso